Addiction: A Bad Way to Cope with Workplace Stress

addiction and work stressHigh-profile individuals, such as attorneys, physicians and CEOs, leave school with incredible ambition to make a difference in the world. They take high-power positions which allow them to do just that – but at a cost. The amount of responsibility and pressure that falls on their shoulders can be overwhelming, especially if they have dependents or large financial commitments.

With no time to release stress in a healthy way, such as through exercise or meditation, working professionals often turn to escapism to find a few minutes of release. This is usually through an addictive substance or activity, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex. What seems like a clever, manageable idea at first quickly becomes detrimental to the person’s well-being as they become more dependent on the substance or activity. Family, friends and co-workers begin to notice changed behavior, work performance suffers and health begins to decline. Soon there after, a severe addiction forms and nothing but the help of rehabilitation professionals can end the problem.

The best way to end addiction is to stop before you start. If you have been dabbling in addictive substances or activities, or have been considering it, recognize that you are playing with fire. Addiction takes lives in the hundreds of thousands, and destroys lives in the millions. Do not underestimate the likelihood that you will become dependent on a substance. Addiction in high-functioning individuals is more common than addiction within any other group, and requires addiction treatment for professionals.

If you are already addicted, find an addiction counselor now who can guide you through the process of recovery. Do not attempt to get rid of a severe addiction alone. Statistically, your chances of relapsing are very high when you do so. Instead, allow professionals to detox you, restrict you from your addiction, and help you reason your way out of it through careful cognitive behavioral counseling. You will benefit enormously from the mental health professionalism you will find at a quality rehabilitation center.

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