Stress Management in the Workplace

workplace stress managementWe know that stress is very commonly found in the workplace, due to heavy workloads, broken relationships with co-workers and unrealistic expectations. But what can be done about this unwanted stress? Ongoing stress has been found to cause serious mental and physical health problems; a good reason to learn how to stay one step ahead of it. If you are serious about managing your workplace stress, the best thing you can do for yourself is learn how to balance your wants and needs with your responsibilities, and cope with your decisions.
Coming to terms with your responsibilities in the workplace is the first step to managing your stress. If your workload is reasonable, but you approach it with an unwilling attitude, you are setting yourself up for unneeded stress. There will be basic performance standards expected in any workplace you are a part of, and if you try to avoid your responsibilities, you will become overwhelmed with negativity from co-workers, backlogged work and threatened job security. Instead, you should embrace your responsibilities by meeting them head on, and if they cause you stress, think of healthy ways to deal with it. For example, make time for yoga, exercise and nature walks, or stock up on soothing herbal teas. If there is a conflict in your workplace, address it immediately in a rational, respectful manner.
However, this is not to say that you should tolerate a toxic work environment. The key to managing stress is not trying to meditate away a workplace that is unhealthy beyond repair. It is true that you are responsible for managing some stress, but it is also true that you have a right to enforce your wants and needs. If you feel you are being mistreated at work, speak up about it to a supervisor or a human resources department. If you feel your worker’s rights have been violated, address it with someone who can influence the decision making in your workplace. And if you come to realize that the problem will not change, or that you are simply too dissatisfied with the workplace, move on and find a position elsewhere that fulfills you.

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